Budget, Levy and Assessments

Annual Budget and Tax Levy

The Township Board sets the Annual Budget each year in November following comments from Town residents at a Public Hearing.  See the notices section of this website each year to learn when the Budget Hearing is scheduled.  Past annual budgets are listed below.

2018 Annual Budget
2019 Annual Budget
2020 Annual Budget
2020 Resolutions to Increase Levy
Budget worksheet 2021
2022 Budget
2023 Budget

Tax Levy

When you pay property taxes, your taxes are used to fund five different entities.  You will see these listed on your annual tax bill that you receive each December.  They include:

  1. Melrose-Mindoro Public Schools
  2. Western Technical College Vocational District
  3. State of Wisconsin
  4. Jackson County
  5. Township of North Bend

The Levy line listed on the North Bend Township Annual Budget is the portion of your property tax bill that will be collected by the Treasurer and used to pay for line items listed in the Annual Budget.


Your tax bill is based on the “assessed value” of your property.   The assessed value determines the amount you will pay in annual property taxes.  To see the assessed value of your property and the assessed values of comparable properties nearby, click on the link below to view the current Assessment Roll.

2018 North Bend Pers Property Assessment Roll
2019 North Bend Pers Property Assessment Roll
2018 Real Estate Assessment Roll
2019 Real Estate Assessment Roll
2020 Real Estate Assessment Roll
2021 Real Estate Assessment Roll
2022 Real Estate Assessment Roll


Objections to Assessments

Should you disagree with the assessed value of your property, your first option is to contact and discuss the valuation with the Assessor.  Contact information for the Township Assessor is listed in the personnel section of this website.  Your second option is to formally file an objection at the annual Board of Review.  Timing of the annual Board of Review will be listed in the notification section of this website.  Understand, to present an objection of valuation at the Board of review you must:

  1. Provide the Clerk orally or in written form your intent to file an objection 48 before the Board of Review meets.
  2. Fill out an objection form specifically stating the value you believe your property should be assessed at. This is done via the PA-115a form (click here).

For additional details on the Board of Review (click here) to download an information sheet.