Township Roads

The Township of North Bend maintains approximately 28 miles of roads within Township boundaries. Road Maintenance constitutes over 50% percent of the annual budget.

Snow Removal

The Township clears all named Town roads of snow and ice and makes every effort to maintain them in a safe passable condition as soon as possible following precipitation. In rare instances; however, when the roads are covered with ice, we may need to suspend operations until later in the morning for safety reasons!

The Township does not plow private driveways or parking lots of charitable/non-profit organizations. During periods of 2 or more inches of snow, the Township asks individuals to park cars on the East and or South sides of North Bend Drive to facilitate plowing. Those who leave cars parked on Township streets for more than 24 hours may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Road Maintenance

Given budget limitations, the Township does its best to repair roads and culverts that are in disrepair. If you wish to report a road or culvert maintenance issue, please contact the Town Chairman or Maintenance Superintendent. When road maintenance is underway, please obey all posted road closure and/or caution signs.

Road Bans

During Springtime, when frost is coming out of the ground, road ban signs limiting vehicles with certain weights will be posted on Township Roads to prevent damage to pavement. Please obey these signs as damage to roads results in higher taxes for all residents. Those who disobey road ban signs will be referred to proper law enforcement agencies for adjudication.