Clerk / Treasurer Drop Box Added

Due to the continuing Covid 19 pandemic and upcoming property tax collection season, the Township Board has installed a Clerk/Treasurer Drop Box to facilitate tax collection and other communication with the Clerk and Treasurer. The outer door of the Town Hall is no longer locked; the inner door is locked.  The Drop Box is also secured with an additional closet door lock and a locked steel case.  Rest assured, your deposits in the slot are secure.  The Drop Box is located in the vestibule between the outer and inner Town Hall doors.

Treasurer Byom will be reducing in-person tax collection hours this year.  See the website calendar to view the times she will be at the Town Hall.  In all other cases, please utilize the Drop Box or mail your tax payments/dog license applications to the Treasurer.  For health and safety reasons, please do not go to the Byom household in-person to accomplish your transactions.

Throughout the year, feel free to use the new Drop Box for all of the following:

1.  Property Tax Collection

2.  Dog License Applications

3.  Operator License Applications

4.  Building and Driveway Permit Applications

5.  All other communications with the Clerk / Treasurer

Thanks for your cooperation during this tax season.  Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!